Bosc brings patient-specific CT and MRI data into an intuitive 3D virtual reality environment. Medical teams control these holograms to collaboratively plan, educate patients, and reduce uncertainty in the operating room.


Catheye image

Holographic procedural navigation...coming soon!


Educating Burn Patients in Mixed Reality

Image of arm with holographic burn overlayed

Mixed reality holograms bring the digital into reality, enabling patients to interact with images as if they were real. In this project we will design, develop and test a mixed reality application to understand how holograms can help pediatric burn patients and their families make more informed decisions.

Pear Interaction Engine (PIE)

Image of PIE logo

PIE is an open source library made to give designers and developers an easier way to create, share and modify user interactions. At its core, PIE is a set of cross-device platform Unity components that make creating intuitive interactions easier. PIE currently supports Leap Motion, Oculus Touch and HoloLens, with more interaction support coming soon.